Business Solutions

We’ve developed a full range of enterprise-class solutions for small and medium-size businesses

Expert managed service and IT consulting designed to ensure stability, security, scalability and business growth.

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Our technology services are less about creating complexity, and more about harnessing experience to deliver measurable results. Our goal is to introduce innovative approaches, products and services whether in-house or hosted—that give you a stronger, higher quality IT infrastructure that better serves your needs and delivers peak performance over the long term. 

Spending technology dollars is easy. Ensuring that this spend is resulting in meeting your expectations is where JCC comes in. We can be your strategic partner with the know how to help you measure and manage your IT investment to drive maximum value and achieve strategic planning objectives that meet future business requirements. We'll help you do this.

We combine experience in technology, business and new thinking. We challenge the thinking of our staff to produce originality. Our technical staff, developers and consultants use their unique perspectives to examine your projects from every angle as they work side-by-side—questioning, anticipating and solving potential issues before they arise. One thing is always the same: our work is carefully considered, technically flawless, and free of budgetary surprises. We really respond when you contact us by using our form here or give us a call at (786) 361-5779.