For over 30 years J Costa Consulting has been committed to delivering professional technology services with talent, creativity and dedication to help our clients achieve results.

Our goal is to develop and nurture long-term relationships. We believe our hard work and dedication to creating strategically-focused, solutions and support programs persuaded our clients that we are the right fit and the wise choice for them. And, especially, for the future and the long-term relationships we seek.

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Every business is unique and needs hands-on IT guidance and support. That said, companies in the same industry often use similar systems and deal with similar issues, and solutions developed for one company provide huge benefits for everyone in that industry. J Costa Consulting offers industry-specific solutions created over years of experience with other businesses in your industry.

We know and understand the software you use, and we’re able to solve common problems you face while creating IT solutions that make the jobs you do easier every day:

  • Advertising and Public Relations Firms: Benefit from proactive managed services that keep your technology functioning at its best!
  • Financial Services Firms: Comply with regulations like FISMA and PCI while automating tasks and improving access to your important data!
  • Professional Services Firms: Protect client data from cybercrime and enhance your productivity with the right IT! Maintain confidentiality of client data and ensure you have the best reputation by enhancing communications with clients and partners.
  • Healthcare Organizations: Take advantage of our team’s expertise in helping you stay compliant with HIPAA while better serving your patients! Maintain confidentiality of protected health information while ensuring you’re leveraging the right EHR technology.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Firms: Responsive IT support so you can focus on selling your product and connecting with customers! Cut down on expensive IT at the same time as automating tasks and mobilizing data.
  • Small to Midsize Businesses: Align your information technology with your business goals and objectives for the greatest results! Work with an outsourced CIO to create a strategic plan that keeps you within budget and on track to meet goals and objectives.

We take pride in providing the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and a solid technical approach to our clients. We are committed to servicing our clients based on a long-term relationship. Our capable team focuses on solutions and scalability with proven technologies.


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