Identify risk, discover opportunity

Discover new opportunities with an IT Assessment

Identify risk and discover how your business can become more powerful, resilient, and innovative.

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J Costa Consulting's IT Assessment process identifies risks before they can become costly problems, bottlenecks, and other problems that decrease network reliability and efficiency.

Assessment findings are used to design a technology roadmap, providing a clear path to technology that is aligned with your business, resilient, and secure.


Identify risks and discover opportunities with a complete review of your IT infrastructure, security, and operational resilience. Results are benchmarked against our best practices and used to design a technology roadmap.

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While every remediation project is different, our security experts may perform actions such as the following as part of security remediation: Test your new security architecture on a test system - Re-architect user authorities and special authorities - Make approved changes to user profiles and special authorities - Roll out application changes - Develop, test, and roll out Integrated File System (IFS) changes - Set up regular monitoring and reporting on security events from the audit journal

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Managed Services

Monitoring, proactive support, and security consulting keeps your technology running smoothly and while new technologies can present new risks our Security Best Practices training is designed to inform team members at all levels how to identify and avoid common security threats, prevent data leakage, and protect your business’s privacy online.

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