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We go above and beyond providing IT support or selling you products.

 J Costa Consulting was founded with a simple goal: give the same kind of IT solutions expected by large-scale corporations to small and mid-sized businesses across South Florida. We serve as a complete extension of your business – an IT department without the stress and hassle of hiring an internal staff.

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What are the advantages having support services?

No business can do without IT – In fact, technology is integral to every company’s operations. Think of everything you rely on your IT for every day – communications, productivity, efficiency – and then think of how much time and money you lose for every second you face of IT problems or downtime. You need to think proactively about your IT support to ensure you get the best value out of your technology. The solution is simple: Turn to J Costa Consulting for our customized managed services. We reliably deliver all your needed IT services and support.

  • Routine maintenance and around-the-clock monitoring of your systems to prevent IT issues before they happen.
  • Responsive IT support via phone, email, or online – get instant answers to all your IT questions
  • Assistance with procuring software and hardware that fits your needs and your budget while saving you time.
  • Advanced issues quickly resolved with remote or on-site support to get you back on track immediately.
  • Plans customized to fit your unique needs and budget

Looking for an IT support company that understands what you need?

You need to work with a company that thinks and plans ahead so you aren’t caught off guard and held back by issues.

  • What do you use your technology for?
  • How can technology improve your daily operations?
  • What do you need to stay productive and operational every day?
  • How do keep you IT infrastructure secured?

We work with you to answer these questions and really understand your unique needs – then we align our support with your goals and objectives.

How do you asses the risks and vulnerability of your systems?

You can no longer simply install some anti-virus software on your computer and feel safe. Cybercrime grows worse every year and many business networks are already compromised! Is your sensitive data safe? You must know exactly where you’re vulnerable, then strengthen your defenses to stay safe.

Most networks have vulnerabilities like 3rd party applications that need patching or improperly configured firewalls – to say nothing of risks associated with using mobile devices! J Costa Consulting can help you with a complete vulnerability and risk assessment to let you rest easy knowing your IT can’t be used against you:

  • Analysis of existing security products and policies to find vulnerabilities that cybercriminals will exploit
  • Penetration tests to discover weaknesses using the same methods advanced hackers will use to breach your network.
  • Network-wide assessments to eliminate devices that contain exploitable hardware that’s impossible to protect.
  • Business process assessments to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • Creation of a custom protection policy to safeguard against data breaches and vulnerabilities caused by misinformed employees.
  • Initial & ongoing training on safe computing practices to eliminate mistakes that create vulnerabilities within your network.

Our process consistently delivers amazing results. We don’t push products or bill extra for unneeded support. Instead, we help you get the most out of your IT budget using the right technology for your needs. If you’re ready to invest wisely in the technology that’s so vital to your business and stop wasting time and money with reactive IT support, you’ve come to the right place. contact us for more answers.